Cold Pressed Australian Juices

At QFP, our range of cold pressed juices are made from the freshest, locally sourced fruit and vegetables. We believe fresh juice should be made from high quality produce rather than second grade fruit.

We supply our range of cold pressed juices in one litre bottles fresh or frozen. Freshly made juices can be custom made to your recipe (minimum order quantities apply).

Frozen juice is the perfect way to control stock levels and minimise wastage. Our cold pressed juices are able to be stored frozen, for you to defrost your required amount in the fridge overnight. We recommend a shelf-life of up to four days after defrosting. 

Cold Press Juice Range

Pineapple Splash -

Orange Blast -

Red Velvet -

Sunshine Bliss -

Health Plus -

Watermelon Quencher -

Pineapple Veg Plus -

Vegetable Plus -

Granny Smith Apple Juice 

Carrot Juice 

Orange Juice 

Lemon juice 

Lime juice 

          Pineapple  *  Orange  *  Apple

    Orange   *  Carrot

Beetroot  *  Watermelon  *  Pineapple  *  Ginger  *  Mint

     Beetroot  *  Orange  *  Passionfruit

Carrot  *  Orange  *  Celery  *  Beetroot  *  Parsley  *  Mint

                    Watermelon  *  Celery  *  Apple

               Pineapple  *  Carrot  *  Apple  *  Celery  *  Mint

      Carrot  *  Beetroot  *  Celery  *  Apple  *  Ginger  *  Parsley  *  Mint

Fresh Australian Granny Smith Apples.
Australian celery, carrot and beetroot cold pressed juice.
Locally sourced fresh, Australian carrots.
Mango, peach and passinfruit cocktail.
Fresh, one litre cold pressed juices.
One litre, frozen 'Orange Blast' and 'Healh Plus' cold pressed juices.
Locally sourced, Australian celery.