QFP trucks providing regular deliveries.
Fresh, one litre cold pressed juices.
Strwberry, mixed berries and mango smoothies, freshly made.
One litre, frozen 'Orange Blast' and 'Healh Plus' cold pressed juices.
Mango, peach and passinfruit cocktail.

Gold Coast 

Gold Coast deliveries north of Burleigh are on Fridays. Monday to Thursday deliveries available

with a minimum 20kg order.

Gold Coast South and Northern NSW

Gold Coast deliveries South of Burleigh to Byron Bay are on Thursdays. 

Sunshine Coast

Available on request.

Australia wide 

Available on request.


Available on request.

Monday to Friday, 20kg minimum order.


One litre acai bottles.
QFP factory servicing businesses and open to the public.

Ordering: Orders required one day prior to delivery/pick up.

Ordering message service: (07) 5593 6031


Fax: (07) 5593 6057