Frozen Fruits 


QFP frozen fruits are sourced from Australian and New Zealand where possible and if not we choose best growing regions around the world including North and South America and Europe. 

All fruits are IQF (individually quick frozen) for easy serving and portioning.

All fruits are available wholesale in one kg bags and bulk frozen fruit in cartons.

Frozen Fruit Range 

Blueberries availale in one kilogram or bulk cartons.
Frozen mixed berries.
IQF blueberries.
Individally quick frozen strawberries.
Frozen fruits available for desserts.

Banana slices                    Sour cherries                 Pineapple chunks     

Banana whole                   Cranberries                    Pitaya - red dragonfruit   

Blackberries                      Lychees                          Raspberries 

Blueberries                        Mango cheeks               Red currants

Boysenberries                   Mango dice                    Rhubarb

Cherries                             Mixed berries                 Strawberries