Fruit Purees

Fresh produce used only.
A fruit dessert made of mango, strawberry, raspbery, blueberry, and blackberries.
Mixed berry and banana smoothies and dairy free juices.
One litre fruit bottles on the production line.
Greek honey yoghurt with passionfruit, strawberry and mango puree.
Fresh, one litre cold pressed juices.

At QFP, our fruit purees are made a little different to most other fruit processors. We say no to added sugar, colours, flavours and preservatives. Quite simply, we puree fruit to a smooth consistency then pack it into one litre bottles and freeze. This process is done all on site, at our fully certified HACCP food processing factory in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast. Bulk quantities are available on request.

Our fruit puree range is commonly used by juice bars, bakeries, gelato and food manufacturers to make a wide range of end products.

Puree range

Banana puree                      Mango, peach & passionfruit        Passionfruit seedless

Boysenberry puree             Mango, pineapple & coconut        Pineapple pulp 

Guava puree                        Mixed berry                                    Raspberry puree

Mango puree                       Passionfruit pulp                            Strawberry puree